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The moss-draped swamps of the Texas and Louisiana border sheltered the 40-mile stretch of No Man’s Land known as the Free State of Sabine.

Fleeing justice, the lawless and seditious haunted these snake-infested backwaters and bayous. Within the haven of the Devil’s Playground, treasures were buried, legends were forged, and the independence of the Texas nation born. Our extraordinary wines reflect the adventurous mythos of such saints and sinners. Uncork a bottle to create your own legend.

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we look forward to sharing our story with you leading up to our official opening in the fall of 2018.

You can keep up to date with our progress, and learn more about our vineyard and wines by following us on social media. Subscribe to our newsletter below and get an inside look at our vineyard and winemaking. By the time you and your friends uncork your first bottle of Free State Cellars, you’ll know a little (or a lot!) about what’s gone into making it.

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