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Contraband Road

Red Texas Wine

Contraband Road
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Because where you grow matters....  Our Heirloom Wines, made with our estate-grown muscadines, raise a toast to that 40-mile stretch of No Man's Land on the Texas-Louisiana border known as the Free State of Sabine.

Forbidden to trade along the King’s Highway, the Contraband Road provided a means for the pirates and privateers of the Free State of Sabine to barter their bounty. Like their illicit goods, this rich and smoky red wine remains coveted by buccaneer and businessmen alike. Aromas of ripe fruit harmoniously blend with rich flavorful brandy creating a balance of the intense muscadine flavors of cranberry and banana with smoky caramel notes, creating a lingering sweet finish.

Like most sweet wines, Contraband Road pairs great with spicy and savory dishes. Try pairing with seasoned pork ribs, smoked brisket, and spicy Cajun boudin.

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Noble Muscadine
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