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Marauding Mystic

Sweet White Wine

Marauding Mystic
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An accomplished thief and charismatic minister, the legendary outlaw John Murrell justly acquired the nickname The Reverend Devil during his notorious run in the No Man's Land of southwestern Louisiana.  Holding tent revivals, he’d preach sweet salvation while his bandits, the Mystic Clan, robbed his congregations blind. Like the honey-tongued Murrell, this sweet white wine charms the senses and tastes like heaven on a hot Southern summer day.

For a true Southern experience, try pairing with spicy pork ribs or smoked brisket and sausage.  Mystic is sweet with a medium body, medium-plus acidity, intense flavors of banana and more subtle notes of lime, peony, and honeysuckle.  Like most white wines, Marauding Mystic is best served chilled in a tulip-shaped glass to enhance the muscadines distinctive characteristics.

Wine Specs
Magnolia Muscadine
Alcohol %