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Shangri La - Sip & Stroll Picnic Events


Skip the line and PRE-ORDER individual Picnic Boxes for one online. Each picnic box includes: charcuterie bites, deli sandwich with Italian meats and cheeses; a garden-fresh veggie salad; a sweet treat; and bottled water. You can pick up your pre-ordered picnic boxes and bottles of wine at Crescent Moon Concessions.

Pair your picnic with Free State PRE-ORDER artisnal small-batch summer wines by the bottle

Our featured white wine is GRUNER VELTLINER, a spicy and more exotic version of Sauvignon Blanc with light bright citrus notes of lemon, lime, and grapefruit, mellowed by juicy nectarine.

Our featured red wine is CABERNET SAUVIGNON, a robust, lush wine with the rich tastes of black cherry, blackberry, and woodsy highlights of cedar and herbs.

Our featured fruit wine is BLUEBERRY, produced from the highest quality locally grown berries, fresh from the fields.

A wider selection of wines, sangria, and lemonade by the glass only will be available at the Gin Atomic Traveling Cocktails camper as well as Crescent Moon Concessions.  A limited supply of extra picnic boxes and a la carte food items will be available for purchase at Crescent Moon Concessions as well.

**TABC compliance requires a limitation on wine service: 1 bottle per 2 or more patrons, individuals cannot be served a bottle; 3 glass limit per individual.**

Need more information about the event? [FB CLICK HERE] We can’t wait to see you and Mother Nature there! Cheers!