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Amber Port

Amber Port
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Because where you grow matters....  Our Heirloom Wines, made with our estate-grown muscadines, raise a toast to that 40-mile stretch of No Man's Land on the Texas-Louisiana border known as the Free State of Sabine.

Our silky bronze muscadine wine is fortified with brandy creating a wine that is sweeter, more robust, and higher in alcohol.  It's aged to a rich, amber colour.  Compared to most fruit-forward muscadines, this wine has a very different flavour profile of caramel and nuts.  Full mouthwatering palate, balanced, round, and with a long finish.

Port wine is most commonly enjoyed as a dessert wine because its richness.  Our Amber Port pairs wonderfully with richly flavored cheeses (including blue cheese and rind cheeses), chocolate and caramel desserts, salted and smoked nuts, and even sweet-smoky meats (barbecue anyone?).  

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