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Dry White Texas Wine

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Because where you grow matters....  Our Heirloom Wines, made with our estate-grown muscadines, raise a toast to that 40-mile stretch of No Man's Land on the Texas-Louisiana border known as the Free State of Sabine.

In 1806, after years of heated border disputes, Spain and the United States finally declared the lowlands of western Louisiana and southeast Texas Neutral Ground. Unrestricted, this No Man’s Land beckoned to outlaws and pioneers alike.

Embodying the spirit of adventure still prevalent, this bright, fruit-forward and off-dry white wine features herbal notes with hints of flowers and lime.  Winner of both Top Texas Wine and International Best of Class awards at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Wine Competition.

This wine holds up to savory dishes but pairs particularly well with fresh seafood and creamy pasta.

Wine Specs
Magnolia Muscadine
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