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Picnic Box Shangri La

Picnic Box Shangri La

Picnic Box Shangri La
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SKU: Shangri La Picnic Box - Individual 6.20.24

This purchase is for THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 2024

Skip the line and pre-order individual Picnic Boxes for one online. Each picnic box includes: charcuterie bites, deli sandwich with Italian meats and cheeses, a garden-fresh veggie salad, a sweet treat and bottled water.  You can pick up your picnic boxes and bottles of wine at the Crescent Moon Concessions.

Pair your picnic with Free State's artisinal small-batch seasonal Wines by the bottle. Wine, sangria, and lemonade by the glass will be available to purchase at Shangri-La at the Gin Atomic Traveling Cocktails camper.  A limited supply of extra picnic boxes will be available for purchase as well.

**Due to TABC compliances there is a limitation on wine service. 1 bottle per 2 or more patrons: Individuals cannot be served a bottle.  2 glasses maximum per individual.**

Need more information about the event? [FB CLICK HERE] We can’t wait to see you and Mother Nature there! Cheers!

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