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Thirteen Years

Dry Red Texas Wine

Thirteen Years
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The Free State of Sabine officially lasted just Thirteen Years (1806 - 1819).  Born in a time of revolution and taking the lead from the American Independence a few years prior, this group of pioneer and outlaw men went on to embolden Texans to embrace their own sovereignty less than two decades later.  

We showcase this independent streak and spirit of adventure by crafting a beautiful intense dry red from our estate-grown muscadines.  We uniquely highlight the bright cranberry, apple, and lime flavors, smoothed out by banana and honeydew tones.  Earthy salinity and sharp lime linger on the palate long after the sip is gone.

As muscadine is a true Southern wine, it only seems right to pair it with classic Southern comfort food. Try it with BBQ, ribs, pork chops, and other fatty meats. 

Wine Specs
Noble Muscadine
Vineyard Designation
Willow Street Vineyards
Residual Sugar
Alcohol %